Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Our business sells many adjustable beds online and ships them all over the country. The majority of these customers have lots of questions about adjustable compatible mattresses. Here are some tips in choosing a mattress for an adjustable bed.

1. All foam mattresses, air mattresses, and most pocketed coil mattresses will work with an adjustable bed. The best rule of thumb is to choose a mattress without a border rod, which is a thick wire that wraps an innerspring unit to keep the coils together. Most foam encased pocketed coil mattresses do not have a border rod. It is also a great idea to check with the manufacturer to verify if a certain mattress will work and if the warranty will be honored if used with an adjustable foundation.

2. You do not have to buy the matching foundation. If you find a less expensive adjustable foundation that is a different brand, feel free to use it without recourse. If the mattress can be used with an adjustable foundation, it can legally be used with any adjustable foundation.

3. The best mattress has more to do with how it supports your body and how it feels more than the material it is made with. High quality latex, memory foam, or innerspring all have their benefits, but one isn’t necessarily better than the other for support or comfort. If you sleep hit, go with innerspring. If you are concerned with off gassing, go with latex. Otherwise, choose the one that gives you the best postural alignment and feels more comfortable. Don’t forget, you get what you pay for. General intelligence should tell you that a mattress for half the money is certainly not the same quality. Comparable quality fluctuates between 5-20% in price between retailers.

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Brian Croft is an industry veteran of 15 years and is the owner of Joplimo Mattress. Croft was previously the Director of Sales and Marketing for a Fortune 500 adjustable bed manufacturer before founding Joplimo in 2009.


Mattress Sag Help!

How can you fix a saggy mattress?

#1 – ROTATE and/or FLIP IT!

We are not evenly distributed.  Therefore, the foams and other comfort layers in your mattress will compress where we weight most.  If you flip and/or rotate your mattress, you ensure that all areas of your mattress are worn or compressed evenly over time.


Often times a broken slat in your foundation is the culprit for a saggy mattress.  Remove a section of the fabric underneath your box spring and give it a good inspection.  You can use a heavy duty stapler to reattach the cloth after checking for cracked or broken slats.


If there is not at least one leg of support in the middle of your bed frame or under one of your slats, you aren’t getting enough support for mattresses larger than queen size.  A simple 2×4 will do the trick if you don’t have something supporting the middle of your mattress set.


In the past 15 years of being in the mattress business I have seen hundreds of saggy mattresses fixed with one or more of the tips above.  Most people freak out when they purchase a new mattress and experience sagging issues – and rightfully so!  It is alarming to think something you spent so much money on starts falling apart on you within a few weeks.  Most likely your old mattress was built with an innerspring system with coils that are all connected together to create a firm and flat surface – and it likely contained little padding if any.  This created a very rigid – and uncomfortable mattress.  The majority of today’s mattresses are built with conforming innerspring systems and plenty of upholstery layers – which creates a mattress that is definitely not rigid.  When placed on inadequate support – like a frame without center support, or an old foundation, these mattresses will immediately conform to to the sag that is already present and appear to be sagging itself.  If this isn’t addressed quickly, the sag will become permanent in the mattress.  Also, because these new mattresses are built to be conforming and comfortable, it is essential to rotate and/or flip in every two to three months.  Likely the foams away from the sag are not broken in yet – because you haven’t rotated and/or flipped it enough.

How to Fix a Hump in Your King Mattress

The dreaded "king's ridge".

The dreaded “king’s ridge”.

If you have ever purchased a king mattress in the past 5-10 years you have probably experienced seeing or feeling a hump form in the middle of the mattress.

Why does this happen?

Couples spend less time cuddling in the middle of a mattress and more time sleeping on their respective sides.

But, what if my old mattress never had a hump?

Newer mattresses have much more padding than older mattresses and have more conforming innerspring or foam support systems. Much like the foams in a couch, the foams in a mattress soften after they have been broken in. The spots you spend the most time soften up and the middle doesn’t, it remains not broken in.

So, how do I fix the hump?

Sleep on it!:) No, don’t try to sleep in the middle – we cannot control what we do when we are sleeping, we will likely roll back to our “spot”. A king mattress is 76″x80″ – not a perfect square, but close enough that you can rotate your mattress a quarter turn and basically sleep across the mattress without literally sleeping across the mattress.

The best suggestion is to do this within the first couple months of owning a new mattress. Rotating a quarter turn every two weeks for the first two months will ensure the most even break-in of the new mattress. If you have had your mattress for sometime, realize that it may feel uncomfortable for the first few nights up to a full week or more until the foams in the middle of the mattress soften up. You should start to see the ridge go away after two weeks. Repeat this process any time you see a ridge develop.

If you ever have any questions, or simply need more assistance, call us! Visit and give your local (or not so local) store a call.

Joplimo Mattress – Handcrafted FOREVERBED Line

FOREVERBED by Joplimo Mattress

Over 3500 coils cradle your body from head to toe for the ultimate in luxury mattresses.

Over 3500 coils cradle your body from head to toe for the ultimate in luxury mattresses.

If you are in the market for the very best mattress money can buy, you’ll likely find a Foreverbed model at Joplimo Mattress the answer. Foreverbed is proudly handcrafted in the Ozarks – in Springfield, Missouri as a matter of fact. The line was developed by Brian Croft, an industry veteran with a background also in mechanical engineering. Foreverbed mattresses have been quality tested to endure over 60 years of use, which is because only the very best materials are used to create a Foreverbed. One of the main materials used to create a Foreverbed is a nested pocketed coil innerspring. A nested pocketed coil innerspring is made of very small diameter coils, each encased in a fabric sleeve, oriented within the mattress is a honeycomb pattern so that there is not a single inch of wasted space. The design allows for a lot of coils to be used in the mattress. The more coils within a mattress increases the surface area of coils that support your body, which greatly improves how the mattress conforms to your body and therefore reduces pressure against sensitive areas like your hips and shoulders. Traditional boxsprings with an innovative twist are also used with every Foreverbed. Traditional boxsprings act as a shock absorber under your mattress, enhancing the lifespan of the mattress by several years. The innovative twist used on the boxspring for Foreverbeds is a posturized center – which means there are more coils used in the center third of the boxspring to help prevent mattress body impressions. All Foreverbeds are two sided, and are meant to be flipped. Flipping and rotating a mattress will ensure it wears evenly over time – another reason why Foreverbeds will last over 60 years. Vairous Foreverbed models are available – with certain models including memory foam, latex, and gel memory foam. There is even a hybrid model for customers who enjoy a memory foam style bed but wish to have quality of a Foreverbed. Some customers even elect to customize their Foreverbed by adding or subtracting layers of upholstery foam or having it made with any of a wide variety of fabric choices.

Joplimo Mattress – How to Buy a New Mattress

Which mattress is the right mattress? It depends on you actually. The simplest answer is that the right mattress is the one that keeps your spine aligned. If the mattress is too soft, you’ll hammock and eventually feel lower back pain. If the mattress is too hard, you’ll toss and turn throughout the night and feel mid to upper back pain or stiffness. Your height and weight have a lot to do with the hardness or softness you will need. The easiest way to find out which mattress is right for you is to try some out and have a trusted partner let you know how you line up on each model. If you buy a mattress that gives you good spinal alignment, you will be placing the minimal amount of pressure on your body and spine each night and wake up feeling more refreshed as a result.

While many other factors should be considered when buying a new mattress, spinal alignment is the most important. Other factors, like whether or not you sleep with a partner, can help you find a mattress that is constructed to reduce rolling together in the center of the bed or feeling them get in and out of bed. Therefore, any other factors that might be important to you should be addressed with your mattress salesperson so that you end up with the perfect mattress. The more information you can provide, the better.

The right mattress should give provide the right amount of support to keep your spine aligned.

The right mattress should give provide the right amount of support to keep your spine aligned.