Mattress Sag Help!

How can you fix a saggy mattress?

#1 – ROTATE and/or FLIP IT!

We are not evenly distributed.  Therefore, the foams and other comfort layers in your mattress will compress where we weight most.  If you flip and/or rotate your mattress, you ensure that all areas of your mattress are worn or compressed evenly over time.


Often times a broken slat in your foundation is the culprit for a saggy mattress.  Remove a section of the fabric underneath your box spring and give it a good inspection.  You can use a heavy duty stapler to reattach the cloth after checking for cracked or broken slats.


If there is not at least one leg of support in the middle of your bed frame or under one of your slats, you aren’t getting enough support for mattresses larger than queen size.  A simple 2×4 will do the trick if you don’t have something supporting the middle of your mattress set.


In the past 15 years of being in the mattress business I have seen hundreds of saggy mattresses fixed with one or more of the tips above.  Most people freak out when they purchase a new mattress and experience sagging issues – and rightfully so!  It is alarming to think something you spent so much money on starts falling apart on you within a few weeks.  Most likely your old mattress was built with an innerspring system with coils that are all connected together to create a firm and flat surface – and it likely contained little padding if any.  This created a very rigid – and uncomfortable mattress.  The majority of today’s mattresses are built with conforming innerspring systems and plenty of upholstery layers – which creates a mattress that is definitely not rigid.  When placed on inadequate support – like a frame without center support, or an old foundation, these mattresses will immediately conform to to the sag that is already present and appear to be sagging itself.  If this isn’t addressed quickly, the sag will become permanent in the mattress.  Also, because these new mattresses are built to be conforming and comfortable, it is essential to rotate and/or flip in every two to three months.  Likely the foams away from the sag are not broken in yet – because you haven’t rotated and/or flipped it enough.