Joplimo Launches new Website!

Joplimo Mattress’s website got a much needed facelift recently.  Cassie Baxter, the very talented graphic designer that created the branding for Joplimo, and Rodney Hobart, of Hobart Design, teamed up to create a site that truly reflects the company in every way.  The new site is clean and easy to navigate – and contains a massive amount of information without being cumbersome to the user. Customers can use the website to research products and the company, as well as have access to valuable industry websites to help in their quest to find the perfect mattress.  They can also buy directly online, taking advantage of the integrated online store that features all of the products you could find in a Joplimo store. Customer service is now greatly improved due to having a central source for customers to have their issues addressed rather than having to work through a store.  The website features areas to file warranty claims, provide feedback, or request a comfort modification.  This will ensure all customer service issues are handled in a consistent, and timely fashion. Feedback regarding the website, either positive or constructive, can be made here.





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