Joplimo Mattress – Handcrafted FOREVERBED Line

FOREVERBED by Joplimo Mattress

Over 3500 coils cradle your body from head to toe for the ultimate in luxury mattresses.

Over 3500 coils cradle your body from head to toe for the ultimate in luxury mattresses.

If you are in the market for the very best mattress money can buy, you’ll likely find a Foreverbed model at Joplimo Mattress the answer. Foreverbed is proudly handcrafted in the Ozarks – in Springfield, Missouri as a matter of fact. The line was developed by Brian Croft, an industry veteran with a background also in mechanical engineering. Foreverbed mattresses have been quality tested to endure over 60 years of use, which is because only the very best materials are used to create a Foreverbed. One of the main materials used to create a Foreverbed is a nested pocketed coil innerspring. A nested pocketed coil innerspring is made of very small diameter coils, each encased in a fabric sleeve, oriented within the mattress is a honeycomb pattern so that there is not a single inch of wasted space. The design allows for a lot of coils to be used in the mattress. The more coils within a mattress increases the surface area of coils that support your body, which greatly improves how the mattress conforms to your body and therefore reduces pressure against sensitive areas like your hips and shoulders. Traditional boxsprings with an innovative twist are also used with every Foreverbed. Traditional boxsprings act as a shock absorber under your mattress, enhancing the lifespan of the mattress by several years. The innovative twist used on the boxspring for Foreverbeds is a posturized center – which means there are more coils used in the center third of the boxspring to help prevent mattress body impressions. All Foreverbeds are two sided, and are meant to be flipped. Flipping and rotating a mattress will ensure it wears evenly over time – another reason why Foreverbeds will last over 60 years. Vairous Foreverbed models are available – with certain models including memory foam, latex, and gel memory foam. There is even a hybrid model for customers who enjoy a memory foam style bed but wish to have quality of a Foreverbed. Some customers even elect to customize their Foreverbed by adding or subtracting layers of upholstery foam or having it made with any of a wide variety of fabric choices.


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